Diagnosing performance issues in a Flask app


I was recently part of the team that ran CreatED, the UK’s first hardware hackathon of its kind. Organising it was stressful at times and incredibly rewarding at others, especially when it came to the event actually happening. During the run up to the event, we learned a lot …

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Useful links relating to abracadabra

Link collections

Here is a collection of links relating to abracadabra that may be useful for anyone looking to do something similar.

Github Repositories



Academic Papers

Audio Thumbnailing of Popular Music Using Chroma-Based Representations

The above paper was more about feature detection for search and retrieval as opposed to robust …

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How to read WAVE files in Python


Any project that uses audio will usually start out using WAVE files for its on-disk presence, and as with many things in Python, there's a standard library module for that. Now don't get me wrong in the rest of this article - wave does the job. The thing is that it …

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The importance of letting go of ideas


On May 29 2015, I made my first entry into a fancy notebook I had bought. This was going to be it, I was never again going to struggle in vain to remember that killer idea I had earlier. Everything was getting written down from here on out.

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