Useful links relating to abracadabra

Here is a collection of links relating to abracadabra that may be useful for anyone looking to do something similar.

Github Repositories



Academic Papers

Audio Thumbnailing of Popular Music Using Chroma-Based Representations

The above paper was more about feature detection for search and retrieval as opposed to robust ...

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How to read WAVE files in Python

Any project that uses audio will usually start out using WAVE files for its on-disk presence, and as with many things in Python, there's a standard library module for that. Now don't get me wrong in the rest of this article - wave does the job. The thing is ...

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The Importance of Letting Go of Ideas

On May 29 2015, I made my first entry into a fancy notebook I had bought. This was going to be it, I was never again going to struggle in vain to remember that killer idea I had earlier. Everything was getting written down from here on out.

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First Post

So as you can probably tell from the title, this is the first post of what will (hopefully) become my blog.

First, a little bit about me. And here are some projects I have done.

For good measure, and following the trend, here is where the CV will be located ...

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